Add a Draft from an Existing Policy

Draft and collaborate on new or existing policies that will be published to the Policy Library.

  • From the Workspace, navigate to the left-hand side bar and click Policy Job under your department name. 
  • From the Policy Job List View, click the View Details hyperlink to the right of the policy name
  • In the Policy Drafts box, click the + in the right corner of the box
    • A list of options will appear to add one of the following:
      • Patrol Guide
      • Organizational Guide
      • Detective Guide 
      • Operations Orders
      • Administrative Guide 
      • Interim Orders 

Note: you cannot create a Directive from an existing policy

  • Click on the Guide that you would like to add to; a secondary window will appear
    • Click the New or Existing dropdown menu and select Existing
    • Add policies to be edited by entering the policy number or name in the Add Policies box

Note: You can add multiple existing policies at the same time.

  • Once all policies have been added, select Add in the bottom right corner of the window
    • You can now collaborate and begin editing the policy draft