Attach Document(s) to Tasks

Attach a document to a task to specify the document(s) that need to be drafted and/or reviewed before completing or approving the task.

  • From the Workspace, click the Rulemaking or Policy Projects button in the left-hand sidebar 
  • Use the icons to expand the project to see the workflow stages until the tasks are visible
  • Click the Task Name 

select a task

  • From the Documents section of the Task, click + Add a Document 

add a doc

  • All documents in the project will be available to be selected. Click on the documents that are associated with the task.
  • Once all documents are added, click the x in the upper right corner of the popup. 

select doc

  • The added documents will be listed as clickable links in the task side panel. 
  • Clicking on the name of the document will bring you directly to the document to be edited and reviewed. 

select doc on task