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Create a Retrospective Review Project

Esper’s Retrospective Review module provides agencies with the ability to collaborate on the review of its rules and to make a determination on the rules.

Create a Retrospective Review Project  

Users are able to create a Retrospective Review project according to their roles. To create a Retrospective Review:

  • From the Workspace, in the left-hand side bar click on Retrospective Review under your department name. 
  • Select Create Project in the top right 
  • If no default department is entered, select your department from the Department dropdown menu
  • Select a workflow from the Workflow dropdown 
  • Select a completion milestone date from the Workflow type dropdown

  • Select Chapter by scrolling through the list of options. Chapters are listed numerically.
  • Add the name of the chapter’s project to the name field
    • Note: this will default to the chapter name
  • Add a description of the retrospective review. You can update the description later.
  • Select Target Deadline date from the calendar
  • Continue with the default date entered or enter the appropriate date based on your goals
  •  Click Create