Create a Rulemaking

Esper walks you through a step-by-step process to create your rulemaking.

Users are able to create new rulemaking according to their roles.

New Rulemaking

To create a rulemaking:

  • From the Workspace, click the Rulemakings button under your agency name in the left-hand sidebar
  • The Rulemakings List will appear, click the Create Rulemaking button on the top right. 

Name your Rulemaking

  • Enter the rule name in the Name field
  • If no default department is entered, select your department from the Department dropdown menu
  • Select a workflow from the Rulemaking Workflow dropdown menu
  • Click Save


Select Draft Type

Choose to Amend, Create, or Repeal Rule from the Draft Type dropdown.

  • Select a draft type from the Draft Type dropdown menu
  • Amend Rule or Repeal Rule
    • Under Add rule(s), enter a citation number or rule name in the search field
    • Click appropriate rule 
    • Continue searching and adding rules until all necessary rules have been added
    • Use the + to add more than one rule at a time
    • Click the Save button
  • If necessary, click the + Add button to add another Draft Type
  • Create Rule
    • Enter the Rule Number and Rule Name
      Note: If you do not know the new rule’s number and name upon creation, input New Rule for Rule Number and 1 for Rule Name
    • Select Chapter by typing the Chapter’s name or scrolling through the list of options. Chapters are listed numerically
      Note: You must select a chapter. If you do not know the chapter for the new rule, choose one as a placeholder
    • To make a change to an entire Chapter, select to Amend, Create, or Repeal Chapter from the Draft Type dropdown
      Note: You must also select to Amend, Create, or Repeal all the rules in the Chapter.

Set Due or Start Date

  • Select Starts On or Due On from the dropdown menu. Task due dates will be automatically calculated working forwards from a Starts On date or backwards from a Due On date
  • Enter the appropriate date based on your selection above in the Date field
  • Click the Create Rulemaking button