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Export Retrospective Review Reports

Esper automatically creates the statutorily required report to include the description, the rule's administrative history, and each rule’s designated determination. There are three reports from which to choose:

  • Include all comments - include all comments and decision notes
  • Include decision notes -  it includes the most recent decision and the associated decision note made with that decision; it does not include comments
  • No comments - it only includes the decision

To export a report for a specific chapter:

  • From the Retrospective Review project page, click the Export Report dropdown
  • Select your desired report
  • A Word document will download to your computer

To export a report for more than one chapter or the final report:

  • From the Workspace, click the Retrospective Review button in the left-hand sidebar 
  • Click the Actions dropdown
  • Select Export Review Reports
  • Choose individual chapters or Select All
  • You can choose by chapter the report type (Include all comments, Include decision notes, or No comments) 
  • If you want the same report type for every chapter, use the top Select to change all dropdown
  • Click Next

  • Choose individual chapters or Select All
  • From the Export Format dropdown, choose either:
    • Export as One File - all the selected chapters in one report
    • Export individually - a document for each selected chapter
  • Click Export