Filtering the Tasks Tab

The default view for the Tasks Tab includes all Blocked, In Progress, and Reopened Tasks. However, you can also filter by the following criteria:

  • Assignee
  • Due Date
  • Due Date Range
  • No Due Date
  • Project (Project Name)
  • Project Status
  • Workflow Stage
  • Task Name
  • Task Status
  • Workflow

To remove the default filter, select the X in the applied filters box. 

To apply a filter, select the +Add a Filter and select the filter you’d like to use. You can select multiple filters to narrow your results. 

Once the filter(s) have been selected, you can choose the criteria you’d like to view by clicking the checkbox next to the name(s). 

To manage the columns that are visible in Esper and/or an exported report, select the ... menu to the right of the Due Date column. Select or uncheck the checkbox next to the column(s) you want to view or remove.