Policy Draft Editing

Esper allows Policy Job participants to collaboratively edit drafts. Depending on your roles and permissions you are able to suggest edits, accept edits, leave comments, chat with collaborators, and much more. 

  1. Back - the Back hyperlink takes you back to the Policy Job Overview
  2. … Menu - click the … Menu to view information, save a snapshot, or delete a draft. 
  3. Collaborators - click the profile icon to view Collaborators currently working on the document in real-time.
  4. Menu Bar - similar to other document editors, the Menu Bar uses tabs to house groups of related commands that allow you to edit and style the document. It includes settings like font size, bullets, changing layout, accepting changes, etc.
  5. Quick Access Icons - the Quick Access icons in the left-hand sidebar allow you to take various actions without losing your place in the document.
    •     - find and/or replace words or phrases within the document
    •     - view and/or add comments
    •     - chat in real time with current collaborators
    •     - view document hierarchy
    •     - about the document editing software

Note: find additional tips and tricks about the document editing software by selecting File in the Menu Bar and clicking Help…