Policy Job Overview Page

After a Policy Job is created in Esper you will be directed to the Policy Job Overview page. The Policy Job Overview allows you to view all drafts, attachments, and participants related to to given job. According to your roles and permissions, you can also add drafts, attachments, and invite additional team members to collaborate.

    1. Policy Name - The Policy Name is shown at the top of the Policy Job Overview. 
    2. Policy Drafts - Draft new or update existing policies and later publish those drafts to the Library for others to view.
    3. Attachments - Add additional documents to your project. Documents added here will be associated with the project and can be viewed by collaborators on the project, but they will not be published to the Library.
    4. Publish Project - Policy Drafts can be published to the Library for others to view.
    5. View Tasks - Click the View Tasks button to open a slide-out list view of the workflow.
    6. Add Collaborators - Invite colleagues to collaborate with you on a policy job by clicking the Add Collaborators hyperlink. All collaborators are available to be assigned to tasks in the policy job’s workflow.
  • … Menu - A Policy Job can be deleted or denied before it is published to the library by first clicking the … Menu.
  • Activity Log - Participants in a Policy Job can view the full history of actions associated with a job.