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Navigate to Retrospective Review Projects

The Workspace is your homepage in Esper. From the Workspace, you can navigate to any of your projects, tasks, and additional tools within Esper. 

  1. Left-hand Sidebar - View your department(s), navigate to active retrospective review projects by selecting Retrospective Reviews under your department.
  2. Needs Attention - Tasks that require your review or action are listed in the Needs Attention section
  3. Recently Viewed - Quickly jump back to any of the last five pages you have viewed by clicking the hyperlink in the Recently Viewed section.
  4. Bookmarks - Bookmarks allows you to quickly revisit any rules you have bookmarked. 

Retrospective Review Project Page 

After a Retrospective Review is created in Esper you will be directed to the chapter’s Retrospective Review project page. To access the Retrospective Review project page for any Retrospective Review: 

  • From the Workspace, click Retrospective Review in the left-hand sidebar
  • The Retrospective Review List will appear, click the View Details hyperlink to the right of the Retrospective Review name

See Retrospective Review Project Page for more details about navigating an individual Project.